The Spleen

Subsequently, the patient may experience various deficient conditions related to cold such as anorexia, cold extremities, and fatigue. Painful ears, a slight purplish or blue colour to the ears, ear pain referring to the head, headache, an aversion to cold, a slight fever, a runny nose with a white discharge, a cough with expectoration of white phlegm, a thin and white tongue coating and a superficial and wiry pulse. Dispel External Cold, warm the channels and relieve body pain. Acute occurrence of facial pain, redness, swelling and burning feeling on the face, formation of pus on the face, itching, fever, thirst, constipation, deep yellow urine, restlessness, a poor appetite, a red tongue with a yellow and dry coating and a rapid and wiry pulse. Flowering quince fruit (5g), white peony root (7.5g), roasted liquorice root (7.5g), fossil bone (7.5g) and oyster shell (7.5g). 3. Sleep Insomnia associated with palpitation, dreams and nervousness is usually caused by the insufficiency of blood nourishing the heart.

If there is fever, add Chai Hu Radix Bupleuri 5 g and Ban Lan Gen Radix lsatidis 10 g to clear Heat and lower the fever. In chronic injuries local circulation is poor. To make an appointment for treatment or to schedule a free consultation, contact Carolinas Natural Health Center at 704-708-4404. The quality of all the included trials was categorized to low/unclear/high risk of bias. These 5 CPMs were Chaihu injection [9], Ganmao Qingre granules [10], Shuanghuanglian oral liquid [11], Xiaoer Baotaikang granules [12], and Xiaoer Resuqing oral liquid [13]. Joseph Levy Ph.D. Brushing the  teeth and rinsing with warm water and avoiding hard, coarse and spicy food is also advisable.

The spelling on that package is slightly different. Many colds and flus are preventable and a healthy lifestyle is essential to enhance immune function. Stewing 5 nuts and 5 grams licorice for tea can be a cure for voice loss, dry cough, dry sore throat, and painful swollen gums that is caused by exogenous pathogenic factors. They have a blood sugar balancing and mild sedating effect. v) The earlier you seek treatment, the quicker you will recover. Undigested food in the stool means that there is a spleen deficiency. Other symptoms that are in common with depression include poor sleep, fatigue, morning stiffness, poor concentration and poor immediate recall (Donaldson et al ibid).

Now I’m sure this has prompted a myriad of questions in the minds of my Western readers. A thin slice of dried Fu Zi, which is usually very stiff and hard, is placed on a specific Acupuncture point. The tongue is pinkish with a thin coating; the pulse is thready. This is pathogenic Yin Cold attacking all three Yin stages in a weak patient with exhausted source Yang. The Liver also opens to eyes, so when Liver Blood is deficient, the eyes may lack nourishment and be unable to see clearly. How does Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture help your Spleen? According to the treatment principles of TCM, CCWHS should be treated by clearing heat and releasing stagnated Lung-Qi.

For ching-hao, this indication is heat lodged in the joints; for the other three it is the wind-cold-damp syndrome, which is one that often manifests as arthralgia. Damp (shi) refers to the worsening of the symptoms in damp weather, the initiation of the disease or worsening of symptoms after spending time working in a wet environment (such as wading in water or sleeping on damp ground), and the accumulation of fluid in the joints and/or nearby areas of the limbs (see: The six qi and six yin). Choosing herbs and spices that encourage proper digestion is easy to understand. These herbs are used to treat hard stool with constipation or hard swellings as in diseases like goitre. As in all modes of TCM, observation is very important to make a proper diagnosis and determine a course of treatment. One of the best things you can do for your Spleen is to do one thing at a time and be absolutely mindful when you do it. Coughs can be accompanied with wheezing.

Below are TCM views on some headache disorders and the treatment principles. This is where kuding tea gets you, and why it enjoys a small subculture of people who drink it recreationally as well as medicinally. Usually caused by excessive exposure to Exterior Dampness and Cold. This could be caused by heavy lifting, a sport’s injury, or perhaps even an automobile accident. Western diagnoses: Chronic fatigue, asthma, or urinary incontinence. Strong pain has stopped your activity? Social withdrawal, a tendency to catch colds easily, impotence, infertility, and loose morning stools are also indications of Yang Deficiency.

and M., told us they tried acupuncture and recommended it. We presented the causes of these conditions from a Chinese medical perspective, as well as how they can be treated and prevented with food and herbs.

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