Chronic Sinusitis & Homeopathy

Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) caused by the herpes simplex virus Type I (HSV-1) and Type II (HSV-2). Alternatively if the base of the ulcer looked greeny­yellow a remedy called Kali bichromium would be appropriate. Ease of ordering from Homeopathy Plus. I have a prescription from doctor for a similar OTC cream that just makes big white areas on my skin. The results may sometimes be surprising and help to inform a treatment, which remains based on the history. The throat is raw and the rawness quickly extends into the chest, which makes you cough from inhaling cold air. Arsenicum album is a homeopathic remedy prepared from arsenic.

The 2x will often abort, when in the chilly stage. [Ars] This is one of the remedies for typhoid fever when the case begins to looks “bad”; but it is hardly ever indicated in the beginning of the disease, though Dr. After moving around a bit, the pains and the stiffness improves a bit and he is able to carry on with his routine work. Retrocessed eruptions may be the cause. Take care that you don’t burn. Therefore any flu symptoms with vomiting and diarrhea that may or may not accompany issues of Breathing difficulties such as in asthma or any respiratory ailments that fit the FEAR factor and “around MIDNIGHT” being the aggravation time, then ARSENICUM ALBUM is the remedy to use. May be brought on by over indulgence.

Clematix assists with burning, blister-like eruptions. It is somewhat similar to Nux, but is a far more useful remedy. Kreosotum treats a smoker’s cough. Climacteric earache. Fever is defined as temperature of 100.4°F, or higher. It may be associated with bladder infec­tions with severe burning pain when passing urine. Are the eyes watery?

Nausea,too, is often an accompaniment. Beware that there is no infection inside the wound or the skin will close up and keep it in! The best natural Homeopathic medicines for allergic skin rashes are Sulphur, Apis Mellifica and Urtica Urens. Fluor. Extreme paleness of the face, lips and mucous membranes which become red an flushed on the least pain, emotion or exertion. The person’s mouth may look distorted, and completely closing one of the eyes often is impossible. Milan : Laboratoires Boiron; 1992:11-16.

Mercurius: *fever, chills, and perspiration without relief;  the patient alternates between hot and cold, uncovering and covering. Or, you may be asked to bring a pictorial representation of the preferred eyebrow design. The person can be very irritable, disliking interference. Pressing headache on vertex; worse from 4 to 8 pm, and from lying down or stooping, if not eating regularly (Cact). Old people with morning diarrhea, suddenly become constipated, or alternate diarrhea and constipation; pulse hard and rapid. Fear of crowds, a fear of falling, and even a fear that the heart might stop are other indications for Gelsemium. – Judith S.

About a third of these patients experience weight loss. In fact, in the grand scheme of things, by the time the vaccines were released and dispensed to 15 million people, it wouldn’t amount to saving many lives, unless the epidemic was very small, which is unlikely. Guaiacum often beneficial after Sepia. Ideal for jagged cuts with a lot of tissue damage. Pussy. Numerous studies indicate homeopathy should be a treatment of choice for allergies. 2).

He surmised that the bark cured malaria because it elicited malaria symptoms, and he went on to generalize that perhaps a good way to treat other illnesses would be to give people small doses of substances that, in larger doses, elicited the same symptoms they were suffering. This is also why mornings and initial motion are such an acute aggravations. Tonsils swollen, difficulty swallowing. Sometimes, I saw patients who had already been diagnosed with celiac disease (wheat intolerance) who, even on a strict diet, were debilitated by a range of often severe symptoms. They also treat the chronic tendency toward recurrent infections that have resulted in tonsillitis in the first place. [Bell] Belladonna is the first remedy that comes to mind in headache; its symptoms are clear and sharply defined. Homeopathy is an alternative therapy, not meant to replace medical treatment.

This homeopathic remedy is  often asked for treating asthma in children. Homeopathic treatment for ear pain offers complete cure by treating the root cause of the condition. After this comes a deep intake of breath that produces a heaving, ‘whooping’ sound when the air passes the larynx (windpipe) that gives rise to the name of the disease. There is a most anxious distressed countenance, hot skin and much restlessness and tossing about. This mouth breathing can cause permanent changes in the facial shape – “adenoidal facies” with elongation of the face and an open-mouthed, slack-jaw appearance. Arsenicum types are effective hard workers. People needing Rhus-t are mentally as well as physically restless and their tongue may have a triangular, red tip.

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