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Vintage Touring: 1954-1967 Aston Martin DB5, Ferrari Dino 246, Ferrari 250 GT & Cali, Jaguar E Type & XK120, Mercedes 280 1969 Jaguar MKII? Please, please please, please please please, please please please pretty please, please please please please please with chocolate sprinkles and a cherry on top, can we pleeeeease have the Morgan 3 Wheeler. I have a comment. speed limits are just a suggestion…like wearing pants. Powered by vBulletin® Version 4.2.2 Copyright © 2017 vBulletin Solutions, Inc. I had big plans for this car because of how perfect it was, but the time has come to part with my baby and start looking for a house. Winner determined via KBB value for private party sale of 2009 Pontiac GXP, manual, no sunroof, 211,000 miles, in good condition on 1/1/2029.

All times are GMT +11. Hi guys, Ive hearing good reports about this website and i thought i would give it a try with a problem i am having with my ute. All times are GMT +11. All times are GMT +11. The before pics show how this car was delivered, something that we’ve come to expect sadly. Pm if you are interested or know someone that maybe. You’d want to jack the side up and then get the bigger jack under there.

All times are GMT +11. All times are GMT +11. this is currently Phantom Mica, it comes with all brackets, screws, CHMSL! All times are GMT +11. Walkinshaw OTR Cold Air Intake Pacemaker Headers Full exhaust upgrade, not sure of brand or size yet. All times are GMT +11. All times are GMT +11.

Sounds good bro…I really badly want one but I cant justify taking them on a construction site…lol….What color is she bro? I loved these when they first came out. I will run 235/40 up front and 255/35 in the rear The rears will be smaller in diameter than the fronts, will look silly! OTR Mafless Tune 4 into 1 Extractors 200 CPI cats Twin 2 1/2 Exhaust Cam and Heads Stall Converter Fully Worked Auto with all the goodies. I bought this car two months ago to drive to work. Trabant 601, it was the Dominant car in East Germany (their closest equivalent to the Beetle), and it would be in a class of it’s own as it is powered by a 2-Stroke engine (like a motorcycle or chainsaw), or a Tyrrell P34 6-Wheeled F1 car. Selling my HSV Maloo It’s on car sales if anyone know anyone looking for a clean Maloo.

Register now to gain access to all of our features. Hi I’m new to hsv forum, I recently purchased a second VU Series 2 15th Anniversary Maloo. Run some sharpening tools over ya pics! Long story short, second hand VE, no lock nut key,new wheels arrived today, considering just setting fire to the ute and throwing a sledgehammer at it, any secrets to getting these retarded lock nuts off when you have no key? I paid £11k for my Ranger (plus an extra grand for the hardtop). XFORCE ( exhaust systems for Holden’s HSV Maloo VE series. Buyers of HSV’s record-breaking 430kW/740Nm GTS Maloo ute will pay $6500 less than the sedan equivalent, after the iconic Australian brand confirmed its $87,990, plus on-roads price-tag ahead of customer deliveries in late November.

Just a quick status, last week I received the gauge pod plastic back with the needed modifications to the bottom for use in a PPV. Hi all. well after round three was cancelled (rain) two private days were cancelled (rain) it was great to get out again on the 20th of this month for a play… went to kevin dennis on monday to drop off my plates as it was due in. I’m still flabergasted as to why these haven’t been brought to America at Chevy and Ford dealers. I had big plans for this car because of how perfect it was, but the time has come to part with my baby and start looking for a house. Clue One Dominant, pioneering, and in Forza it’s in a class by itself.

Independent rear is a b*stard!! Wonder if this is something that CP could put a kit together on for us, minus the gauges (in other words, a build & mount your own version)? Did you specifically ask to speak to Andrew Purcell? View Full Version : HSV Maloo – New Hoon Record??? There was a Limited Edition (or maybe a one-off I can’t remember) Viper-engined Ram back in 1996, it might have been called the SRT. I am trying to get a tow bar for the Maloo, my aim is to try and get one that I can remove the tow tongue and place a cap over the hole to hide the remaining part of the bar.

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