12 DPO, cervix feels softer and slightly open? Stretchy cm – Still BFN’s!?! Am I

Thank you in advance for your responses! Also, I had my DH hide the HPTs so that I wouldn’t be tempted to test early – only on the pre-determined test date of 10 DPO. Fairly frequent urination but haven’t had much liquid. Going to take my other first response test tomorrow and see if I get a darker line. Tired. Were you pregnant or not? As if I didnt put my head down at that exact moment, I was going to faint.

Oh, another thing I woke up like 4 am wide awake .. Spells of being lightheaded. so it’s all blending into one. Not consciously but I was more relaxed and had fun with it and at times even forgot to take my prenatal pills. 3dpo – temp 36.3, greasy hair and bad skin continues, very sleepy. Me: 33 (all tests “normal”, had a LEEP in Oct 2012) DH: 41 (first SA came back with low motility….started CoEnzyme Q10 and have had “rockstar” sperm counts ever since) After about 10months of trying we saw my gyne who ordered all of my diagnostics: blood, HSG (worst pain of my life)…all came back normal. Answered by jenKMFC – Sep.

Herpes is a common sexually transmitted disease (STD) that any sexually active person can get. Another small, but interesting, study used Lemon balm extract, in aromatherapy, to calm overexcited individuals suffering from dementia. I never get sore I’m usually dry before AF. I wasn’t more relaxed either because we were moving to a new city! Other factors contributing to onychomycosis include heredity, aging, athletic and fitness activities in public places, the use of public toilets and bathrooms, occlusive footwear, low pH level of the skin, wet feet, and immunosupression such as HIV. From To Post kasdaw409 11/28/2006 . What do you think!?!?

No preseed used. That’s why you’re not pregnant. Praying for a BFP! Breast and nipples tingly a little. IVF #1 to begin in April 2014, immediately following IUI #3 failure. BFP BFP BFP BFP BFP BFP BFP BFP BFP BFP BFP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Something happened at about 4.15pm felt like a fluttering sharp pain on my left ovary/womb side, this lasted a couple of mins and actually made me stop what I was doing…

still BFP! I swear I started feeling it at 3-4 days. Blech. My nipples are sore, been constipated/gassy. Haven’t lost hair like that since last pregnancy. Other months I’ve sworn 50 times I was pregnant when I wasn’t, had the most pregnant symptoms ever and even convinced myself I was pregnant even after getting AF. I also drank green tea every day, and used pre-seed though not consistently.

And they throb for a few seconds every hour or so. So happy to be posting my own and I hope it gives encouragement to other women. 2DPO: Cramps (similar to AF cramps), and kept craving fro-yos with raspberries and blueberries. It happens for a only day or two in the early dpo then stops). 7 DPO â?? Now we just have to wait and see if it increases appropriately. ?

Not blazing but soon enough and Pink enough to know.. I have been testing since 8Dpo, all Negative so far but I’ll keep you posted! Wasn’t ttc then. Funny how plans don’t seem to work and here we are with another (very faint but still there) BFP 10 DPO!!! The biggest clue for me was the lack of soar bb’s, bloating, and cramping that I normally get immediately after O and before AF. It’s unreal, I just can’t even believe, I’m beside myself!!!! I know, I know.

This month I really did have a ‘good feeling’. I am 27 and DH is 30. So here’s mine. We didn’t know and continued. I posted in am I pregnant section Thursday about dry mouth being a symptom! My husband and I have been trying for 4 months and finally got our BFP!! I want to start with the caveat that I won’t be super helpful for long term, I’m only 4 weeks 1 day and just found out by I am DYING to tell someone everything!

We pride ourselves on having the friendliest and most welcoming forums for moms and moms to be! Hi everyone! Did any of you have sensitive teeth before your BFP or right after? This wasn’t planned. 1 dpo- light cramping 2 dpo- abdominal achiness (kind of like a heavy day of [af] bleeding), gas, sore nips 3 dpo- abdominal achiness (noted “uterus feels full and achy like a day of heavy bleeding during my period”) and sore nips 4 dpo- cramps, gas, nauseous on train ride home from work, sore nips 5 dpo- abdominal achiness, sore nips, nausea after lunch and dinner, heartburn, noted “suddenly became exhausted at 9:30 pm” 6 dpo- abdominal achiness, cramps, nauseous (felt hungry, took a few bites and couldn’t eat anything more), sore nips, exhausted and in bed by 10 pm (on a sat night) 7 dpo- abdominal achiness, heartburn, sore nips, bbs sore on armpit side; Pre menstrual cramping sensation (not very strong).

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